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It happens. Things go wrong, sometime dramatically wrong. Projections are not achieved. Sales deteriorate. Receivables remain unpaid. Key personnel depart. Financial expenditures keep increasing. Competitor positions in the market place become extremely aggressive. Sometimes all at once!

What does the outside see that you don't (or didn't)? Usually there is a common thread. The problems did not just appear one day, nor will they correct themselves. In fact, they will deepen. Swift, decisive action is the only way to halt the deterioration and reposition the company. This is what "Crisis Management & Financial Recovery Programs" are all about. Guiding you back to financial and operational success depends on quick but correct diagnosis and treatment.

What differentiates Tri-Star Financial, and what fuels the engine of our success in this area, is our clearly defined focus on the financial recovery process. These are Analyze, Stabilize, Advocate, Implement, & Improve:

  • TSF has constructed a detailed, comprehensive analysis that examines Your Company's fixed and variable costs, product line and operating unit performance, operating expense structure, asset performance, and operational and financial restructuring options.

  • Establishing trust and confidence, TSF will work with lenders and creditors to prevent any actions that could threaten stability and endanger the recovery process.

  • TSF is the catalyst for understanding and accepting the course of action embodied in the recovery plan. Good communication and cooperation among all constituencies are vital for moving the Gateway plan forward.

  • Marshaling the internal and external resources required to solve operating and financial problems, TSF needs to motivate all levels of Your Company's Management, labor, creditors and shareholders to work toward a successful recovery.

  • TSF working with Your Business will achieve the goal to develop and institute process and performance improvements that increase profits, enhance corporate value, and bring the enterprise to a new level of competitiveness - even excellence.

Tri-Star Financial is a professional corporation with over 30 years of expertise in servicing the financial needs of all types of businesses and industries. Our firm is dedicated to excellence within the tax accounting and financial business management professions. Tri-Star Financial as your professional financial consultant can offer you the following business management services that can be customized and designed specifically for your business and industry needs.

Business Operation Specialization: Using proven systems we can show you how you can increase your office operations Productivity & Efficiency that will translate to Profitability.

With implementation of our Business Management Systems outlined specifically for your business and by following our recommendations we guarantee that your business will increase its pre-tax profits.

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